Zip Code/Postal Code of All Cities of Saudi Arabia

  • Publish date: Sunday، 29 October 2023
Zip Code/Postal Code of All Cities of Saudi Arabia

This page contains a compilation of Saudi Arabia's postal codes since postal codes and numbers are typically looked up in-depth for each region. As a result, we will offer a comprehensive list of all postal codes and numbers, including the Saudi postal code for Riyadh, the Saudi postal code for Jeddah, and postal codes for other regions. Please continue reading to learn more about the Saudi postal system and postal codes.

What is Saudi Arabia's postal code?

Postal Code Saudi is a brand-new service in Saudi Arabia that aims to provide a comprehensive numbering and coding system for all business sectors and even individuals. This will enable quick and easy facility location determination based on postal code, covering all Saudi Arabian cities.

The division of main and secondary streets that flow into them, the population density, and the connection and link between towns and villages all influence how postal codes are divided.

How can I find out my Saudi Arabian postal code?

First off, there are five numbers in the Saudi Arabian postal code system, and each one has a distinct meaning.

  1.     The region is the first no.
  2.     The district is the second number.
  3.     The sector is No. three.
  4.     The department number is the fourth digit.
  5.     The person or facility number comes in fifth and last.

Postal codes for Saudi Arabia

Arabian Saudi Did you know that the priority order of each of these industries has been taken into consideration to guarantee the seamless and fluid operation of this system based on the geographic location, as the cost owing to that is the lowest possible cost? Postal codes are distributed in eight main regions, each of which is an administrative region, as indicated by the first number of the postal number.

We have given district-wise details of the postal codes of major cities of Saudi Arabia such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Khobar, Jubail, and Yanbu.

  • Riyadh Postal Code: 12271
  • Jeddah Zip Code: 22233
  • Makkah Postal Code: 24231
  • Dammam Zip Code: 34223
  • Jubail Postal Code: 35713
  • Khobar Zip Code: 34714
  • Yanbu Postal Code: 46477
  • Taif Zip Code: 26511
  • Madinah Postal Code: 42311
  • Tabuk Zip Code: 47311
  • Najran Postal Code: 66262
  • Buraydah Zip Code: 52318
  • Khamis Mushayt Postal Code: 62461
  • Abha Zip Code: 62521
  • Jizan Postal Code: 82723
  • Sakakah Zip Code: 72345
  • Al Bahah Postal Code: 65526
  • Rabigh Zip Code: 25732
  • Diriyah Postal Code: 13732
  • Ad-Dilam Zip Code: 16323

If you don’t write the correct postal address, the Saudi post will deliver the shipment to the wrong station. Make sure you are registered with the Absher.

Riyadh Zip Code

The postal code of King Fahd District where the Kingdom Center and other main attractions of Riyadh are located is 12271. We have listed down the postal codes of all 45 districts of Riyadh below.

Jeddah Postal Code

The Zipcode of the district Al Balad where the majority of historical buildings, SAMA head office, and SAPTCO Jeddah can be found is 22233. Moreover, we have given the zip codes of 54 major districts of Jeddah below.

Makkah Zip Code

The center of attraction of Makkah is the Masjid al-Haram and the zip code of the area where it is located is 24231. We have given the postal codes of 47 major districts of Mecca below.

Dammam Postal Code

The postal code of Al Hussam district, the most important area of Dammam where the offices of Saudi Aramco, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Chamber of Commerce are found is 34223.

We have given below the postal codes of 80 major important areas and districts of Dammam.

Jubail Zip Code

The most important area of Jubail is the place where the Saudi Aramco refinery is located with the postal code 35713. We have listed down the postal codes of the 49 most important areas and districts of Jubail below.

Khobar Postal Code

The Zip Code of Al Jisr, the most famous district of Khobar where King Fahd Causeway toll and Civil Affairs offices are situated is 34714. We have given the list of zip codes of 50 important areas and districts of Khobar.

Yanbu Zip Code

The postal code of Yanbu Al Sinaiyah where the Saudi Aramco refinery and LUBEREF are situated is 46477. In order to send your shipment to another district of Yanbu, follow the zip codes of the 38 areas given below.

The structure of Saudi Arabia's postal codes

ZIP code or postal code in Saudi Arabia is a 5 number digit and each digit represents a particular area;

  • The first digit represents the major regions in Saudi Arabia e.g. 1 for Riyadh and 2 for Makkah.
  • The second digit represents a major city within that region such as 22 is a sign of Jeddah within the Makkah region.
  • The remaining three digits represent a group of delivery addresses within that region.
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