Saudi Arabia Offers Highest Expat Salaries Globally, Says Survey

  • Publish date: Friday، 28 July 2023
Saudi Arabia Offers Highest Expat Salaries Globally, Says Survey

According to a research by the international employment conditions consulting firm Employment Conditions Abroad (ECA), Saudi Arabia pays the most to foreign middle managers worldwide.

According to the report, an expat middle manager in the kingdom earns an average salary of £83,763 (about Dh398,509), which is £20,513 (roughly Dh97,592) more than they would in the UK.

The results of the study were published on the ECA website a week ago. "Despite a 3% decrease compared to the previous year, the salary for expat middle managers in Saudi Arabia is now £83,763 on average; the highest in the world," they stated.

The data was gathered around the end of 2022.

With regard to paying expats, Switzerland took second place overall and top in Europe. In Switzerland, an expat makes an annual salary of £77,760 (or roughly Dh369,949).

The analysis found that the UK was the most expensive place for employers to send personnel, with the average cost of an expat worker's annual wage and perks coming to £351992 (Dh1,674,630) each year.

According to the survey, the main factor driving this increase was the increased cost of expat worker benefits such international schools, cars, and housing. Since 2021, the average compensation for middle management positions in the UK has climbed by just 5%, or £3291 (about Dh15,686.73) year.

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