Saudi Arabia Enforces Mandatory Insurance for New Domestic Workers

  • Publish date: Friday، 02 February 2024
Saudi Arabia Enforces Mandatory Insurance for New Domestic Workers

Saudi Arabia mandates insurance for new domestic workers in efforts to regulate the labor market and protect worker rights and introduces comprehensive service via a government platform.

Regulating the Labor Market

In a move aimed at regulating the labor market, Saudi Arabia has implemented mandatory insurance for new domestic workers. The new policy, which came into effect on Thursday, February 1, requires insurance coverage for the first two years of domestic labor contracts, with the option for employers to continue coverage thereafter.

Protecting Worker Rights

Under the new regulations, both domestic workers and employers are entitled to compensation in certain circumstances. Compensation covers various scenarios such as the worker's absence, escape, death, or incapacitation due to illness. Additionally, the insurance service ensures compensation for domestic workers in cases of injury resulting from accidents or non-payment of wages by the employer.

Government Platform

The insurance service is facilitated through a government platform called Musaned, dedicated to domestic labor affairs. This platform serves as a comprehensive resource for both employers and workers, offering information on rights, duties, visa issuance, recruitment requests, and contractual relations.

Scope of Domestic Workers

Domestic workers in Saudi Arabia encompass various roles such as housekeepers, drivers, cleaners, cooks, and caregivers. The implementation of mandatory insurance and standardized regulations aims to safeguard the rights and well-being of domestic workers in the kingdom.