Amendments to Citizenship Law are Announced in Saudi Arabia

  • Publish date: Friday، 13 January 2023
Amendments to Citizenship Law are Announced in Saudi Arabia

A new revision to the Saudi Arabian Nationality System has been made by the country. A change to Article 8 of the Saudi Arabian Nationality System, which gives the prime minister the power to grant citizenship, has been authorized by higher authorities in the Kingdom.

The phrase "by decision of the Minister of Interior" in Article 8 was changed to "by an order of the Prime Minister based on Minister of Interior proposal" as a result of the change.

A news report states that under the new law, children of Saudi women who are married to expatriates can now request citizenship after turning 18 years old if it meets all required conditions. The requirements are that he be fluent in Arabic, have the status of permanent residency in the Kingdom when he reaches legal age, be of good behavior and sound character, and have never been convicted of a crime or sentenced to more than six months in prison for an immoral act.

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