Luxury Volcano Camp Opens in Khaybar Saudi

  • Publish date: Friday، 16 December 2022
Luxury Volcano Camp Opens in Khaybar Saudi

The Khaybar Volcano Camp is now open for nature explorers from today, Dec. 16. The luxury eco-lodge camp in one of the largest volcanic fields in the Kingdom, and limited slots are available to visitors on Thursdays and Fridays through to March

The camp is located near Jabal Al-Qadr, which has been classified among the world’s top 100 geological sites by the International Union of Geosciences and the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Its also close to Umm Jirsan cave in Harrat Khaybar.

Climbing to the camp takes several hours, by car and then on foot. Check-in starts at noon, with a lunch made to order. Visitors are then free to walk around the volcanic fields with an experienced guide.

Each guest is offered a gray pajama set as a souvenir to take home, with a branded warm scarf and beanie hat. Heavy jackets are also available on request. All mirror have an exterior deck, while the interior colors reflect the exterior colors.

Yoga trainer “Chamuel of Light” is a multilingual guide at Khaybar Volcano Camp and helps groups or private visitors in English or Arabic.

Visitors are instructed to lay down and wrap themselves in a warm blanket. With the guide’s help, guests close their eyes, slip into slumber, and surrender to serenity, experiencing a magical, mystical journey around the volcanoes

After breakfast, a sound healing session is scheduled before checking out.

Prices for packages start at SR1,500 ($400) per night and SR3,170 for three days and two nights.

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