Madinah Launches 'Learn Arabic' Program for Non-Native Speakers

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 26 July 2023
Madinah Launches 'Learn Arabic' Program for Non-Native Speakers

The Madinah Development Authority collaborated with the Islamic University to launch the 'Learn Arabic' program for non-native speakers.

The Islamic University shared that the in-person program is available at the university for those individuals who have obtained an entry visa for Saudi Arabia and through pre-registration and submission of applications for individuals or groups at the university's website.

The program aims to develop cultural and educational tourism in Madinah to benefit visitors, tourists, medical workers in diplomatic missions, and anyone else interested in learning Arabic.

The program runs for six semesters and includes six levels: Pre-A1, A1, Ar, B1, and C, which signifies elementary level to advanced level.

The duration for each level is six weeks with a total of 15 hours per week. 

The program will also include communicative events so that learners can practice their Arabic in everyday situations. 

Students will also be provided with an educational bag, study laboratories, ebooks, technical equipment, lectures, and open conversation sessions.

Students will also have access to a shuttle transport service between the university and the Prophet's Mosque during the duration of the program.