An Innovative Road Cooling Technology is Being Tested in Saudi Arabia

  • Publish date: Thursday، 16 March 2023
An Innovative Road Cooling Technology is Being Tested in Saudi Arabia

The Roads General Authority has initiated an innovative experiment to cool the roads throughout the Kingdom in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs, and Housing.

On the hot summer days when temperatures can reach 50°C or more, heat is retained on roads throughout the Middle East. The purpose of the newly created technology is to lessen the amount of heat that roads absorb during the day. The heat that the technology collects is released at night, creating a heat island, which is a known scientific phenomenon.

According to the spokesperson from the Roads General Authority, the technology has been created for residential roads and inhabited places, including the waiting spaces at bus stops and metro stations and the walking areas in residential zones. It was also tested in two key areas of Riyadh, and the results have shown that it was successful.

The representative said, “The Roads General Authority recently opened a central laboratory that is conducting studies to improve the experience of road users in the Kingdom.”

Cooling the roads is one of the many steps taken by the Kingdom to enhance the living standard and lower the temperatures of the country.

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