Professor at Saudi University Registers Invention for Sitting Diseases

  • Publish date: Thursday، 15 December 2022
Professor at Saudi University Registers Invention for Sitting Diseases

Professor of Exercise Physiology at Taibah University in Madinah, Dr. Muhammad bin Ali Al-Ahmadi, succeeded in registering a patent officially with the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property for an invention called “The Healthy Chair to Reduce Sitting-related Diseases”,

as the current invention relates in general to a sedentary lifestyle, and in particular By directly measuring the sitting time, and then forcing the person to leave the chair, with the aim of promoting health and preventing sitting diseases, as recommended by health and medical organizations.

hmadi said: “Recent scientific recommendations have been issued regarding the permissible sitting time, as the American Diabetes Association recommends not sitting for more than 30 minutes, and recommends moving for 3 minutes after sitting for half an hour. Therefore, the method of using the (3/30) rule is ) is good for preventing the dangers of continuous sitting, especially for people who cannot leave their desks, every 30 minutes of sitting on a chair is followed by 3 minutes of movement, so there was an urgent need to invent a healthy chair that contains a chair seat and pressure sensors located in the seat of the chair, and the pressure sensors work directly the moment you sit on it After 30 minutes, the back support cushion will move forward to force the person to leave the chair, then the backrest will be folded for 3 minutes, after which the chair will return to its initial and normal position.

He explained that the health chair can be used by researchers and those interested in the health, medical and research fields and applied to the healthy and sick category and to different age groups, with the aim of promoting health and reducing sitting diseases, such as: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and blood pressure. , hyperlipidemia, and other diseases.

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