Saudi Introduces More Digital Services for Expats and Visitors

  • Publish date: Friday، 09 February 2024
Saudi Introduces More Digital Services for Expats and Visitors

The General Directorate of Passports in Saudi Arabia has announced new electronic services tailored for expatriates and visitors, marking a significant step in the nation’s digital transformation efforts. These services, accessible via the Interior Ministry’s Absher and Muqeem platforms, encompass a range of functionalities aimed at enhancing convenience and efficiency for foreign residents.

New Digital Services

  • Reporting lost or stolen passports or residency permits
  • Amending translated names
  • Accessing visa information
  • Receiving notifications from employers

Lieutenant General Suleiman Al Yehia, head of the Saudi General Directorate of Passports, emphasized that these advancements are designed to streamline processes, save time, and provide smart solutions to benefit users.

Growing Foreign Population

Saudi Arabia, home to a population of approximately 32.2 million, boasts a sizable expatriate community, accounting for around 41.5% of the total population. With an estimated 13.4 million foreigners residing in the kingdom, the introduction of these digital services aims to cater to the needs of this significant demographic.

Enhanced Exit/Re-entry Procedures

In addition to the digital enhancements, Saudi authorities have introduced improved facilities for expatriates regarding exit and re-entry procedures. Foreign residents holding exit/re-entry visas can now extend their visas electronically while abroad, simplifying travel logistics and providing greater flexibility for expatriates.

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