Highlights from LEAP 2024 Riyadh: Days 1 to 4

  • Publish date: Thursday، 07 March 2024
Highlights from LEAP 2024 Riyadh: Days 1 to 4

LEAP is currently underway, drawing in tech enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders from across the globe. From March 4 to March 7, 2024, this four-day event stands as the pinnacle of technological innovation.

Attendees witnessed the forefront of the tech world, encountering cutting-edge advancements showcased by numerous leading technology companies. With over 172,000 tech professionals in attendance, LEAP breaks barriers, offering a prime opportunity for those seeking to stay ahead in the global tech landscape.

Day 1 Highlights of LEAP 2024 Riyadh

Highlights from LEAP 2024 Riyadh: Days 1 to 4

AWS and IBM Lead Major Investments

LEAP 2024 commenced with a flurry of investments, underscoring Saudi Arabia's position as a technology investment destination. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM took center stage, announcing multi-billion-dollar commitments to propel the Kingdom's tech landscape forward. Saudi Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Abdullah Alswaha announced a staggering $11.9 billion investment from tech giants like AWS, IBM, DataVolt, and ServiceNow.

Dell Technologies and Cisco Reveal Future Plans

Dell Technologies and Cisco added to the excitement, unveiling ambitious plans to establish significant operations in Saudi Arabia. Dell's pioneering move to inaugurate a META region manufacturing center and Cisco's commitment to set up new regional headquarters underscored Riyadh's growing appeal as a tech hub.

Milestones and Collaborations from Aramco, Datadog, Uipath, and Zoho

Aramco's announcement of the Saudi Accelerator Innovation Lab (SAIL) and groundbreaking initiatives like "Metabrain" GenAI model and "Aramco LLM" set the stage for transformative collaborations. Additionally, Datadog, Uipath, and Zoho Corp's plans to establish their respective academies and data centers further cemented Saudi Arabia's status as a thriving digital hub.

Day 2 Highlights of LEAP 2024 Riyadh


New Multi-million Investments from Investcorp, Oasis Capital, and More

Investcorp led the charge with the launch of a $500 million growth stage fund, followed by Oasis Capital's inauguration of Fund II with a capital injection of $100 million. The National Development Fund and the Social Development Bank collaborated to establish the $40 million Gaming and Esports Investment Fund, managed by Impact46. Merak Capital also joined the initiative, revealing an $80 million fund supporting gaming accelerators in Saudi Arabia.

Zoom's Expansion

LEAP 2024 witnessed Zoom's significant expansion in Saudi Arabia, with CEO Eric Yuan revealing plans to integrate Zoom's services deeper into the kingdom's technological fabric. Initiatives like Zoom AI Companion, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Contact Centre are set to revolutionize digital communication. At the same time, the establishment of new cloud regions underscores Zoom's commitment to Saudi Arabia's tech landscape.

META Shared Insights on AI's Impact on Content Creation

At the Creative Economy and Gaming Orbital Stage, discussions delved into the transformative potential of AI in content creation. META's Moon Baz highlighted the shift towards AI-driven content creation, emphasizing the productivity gains and immersive experiences enabled by these technologies. The emergence of AI influencers hinted at broader trends reshaping the content landscape.

UK-Saudi Research Collaboration

LEAP 2024 saw the UK and Saudi Arabia forging a landmark agreement to foster research partnerships and advance technological breakthroughs. Andrew Griffith MP hailed the agreement as a crucial step towards addressing global challenges, underscoring the mutual benefits of collaboration between the two nations.

Saudi Arabia's Space Exploration Plans

The Saudi Space Agency (SSA) captivated attendees with its ambitious plans for space exploration, including establishing a permanent presence on the Moon as a precursor to missions to Mars. Sharif Abdel-Magid outlined the SSA's commitment to driving technological innovation and spin-off technologies benefiting society on Earth.

Neura Robotics’ Introduced Cognitive Robot

David Reger, CEO of Neura Robotics, envisioned cognitive robots as collaborative partners for humans, capable of enhancing productivity and well-being. Reger highlighted the importance of AI integration to enable robots to operate safely in human environments, heralding a transformative shift towards human-centric applications.

Potential Floating Cities in Saudi Arabia by Oceanix

Itai Madamombe, founder and CEO of Oceanix, shed light on the potential for floating cities in Saudi Arabia, emphasizing the sustainability benefits of such developments. Madamombe's vision resonated with attendees as she outlined Oceanix's innovative approach to creating sustainable communities harmonizing with nature.

Day 3 Highlights of LEAP 2024 Riyadh

Highlights from LEAP 2024 Riyadh: Days 1 to 4

Aramco Digital and Groq Reveal Plans of AI Computing Center

Day three of LEAP 2024 witnessed a flurry of investments in technology, digital infrastructure, and software, with Aramco Digital and Groq leading the charge. The announcement of plans to build the world's largest artificial intelligence (AI) computing center marked a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia's tech landscape.

Aramco Digital's Collaborative Ventures

In collaboration with LTIMindtree, Aramco Digital announced the establishment of an IT services center in Saudi Arabia valued at $45.8 million. Additionally, a partnership with Intel resulted in the creation of the first Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) development center in the kingdom, aimed at fostering innovation and technological progress.

Expanding ACES Operations

ACES unveiled ambitious plans to expand its operations and develop infrastructure for various projects. Notably, a project to localize the GSM program management system and smart towers, valued at $618 million, underscores ACES' commitment to advancing digital infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.

Nokia's Regional Logistics Center

Nokia announced plans to establish a regional logistics center in Saudi Arabia, further solidifying its presence in the region. The second phase of a maintenance center in Riyadh will see a major expansion with the addition of 5G radio wave technology, reflecting Nokia's dedication to driving technological innovation.

Honor's Regional Expansion Initiatives

Honor, a key player in the tech industry, unveiled plans to expand its regional presence through various initiatives, with a total investment of $100 million. These initiatives underscore Honor's commitment to delivering innovative solutions and enhancing accessibility for consumers across the region.

Cyberani and Thales’ Plan to Strengthening Cybersecurity

In a bid to enhance industrial system security in the region, Cyberani announced a collaboration with Thales aimed at bolstering cybersecurity. This partnership reflects a concerted effort to safeguard critical infrastructure and combat cyber threats, ensuring a secure digital environment for businesses and individuals alike.

Day 4 Highlights of LEAP 2024 Riyadh

Highlights from LEAP 2024 Riyadh: Days 1 to 4

HPE and alfanar Partnership

Day four of LEAP 2024 witnessed a groundbreaking partnership between HPE and alfanar, aimed at advancing enterprise IT production in Saudi Arabia. With a focus on Saudization and Vision 2030, the partnership will see the production of thousands of servers annually from HPE's market-leading HPE ProLiant compute portfolio. Notably, the majority female workforce employed at the site reflects HPE's commitment to diversity and empowerment. Discussions are underway to further expand the facility's output and introduce additional product lines, signaling a significant step towards enhancing Saudi Arabia's technological capabilities.

TAWAL and EVIQ’s Pioneering Electric Mobility

TAWAL, a leader in Saudi ICT infrastructure, partnered with EVIQ to strengthen the expanding ecosystem of electric vehicle charging. TAWAL's state-of-the-art solutions will provide uninterrupted connectivity to all EVIQ chargers across the kingdom, enabling live status updates and ensuring a seamless experience for EV drivers. With a shared vision for the future of electric mobility, TAWAL and EVIQ are poised to revolutionize transportation infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, driving forward the nation's sustainability agenda.

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