The Most Famous Arab Influencers in Europe

  • Publish date: Monday، 06 February 2023
The Most Famous Arab Influencers in Europe

Arab influencers have gained incredible popularity in the Middle East and North Africa, however, only a few who reside in Europe made it to stardom. Whether it's travel, food, or sports, the following influencers have amassed huge fan bases worldwide. Here are the most famous Arab influencers in Europe.

In sports

Mohamed Salah


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Known as 'Mo Salah' the Egyptian footballer who plays in the English Premier League for Liverpool FC currently has more than 56 million followers on Instagram. 

Salah was born on the 15th of June in 1992 in one of the villages of the Gharbia Governorate called "Nagrig". 

He started his senior career in 2010 playing for Al Mokawloon, then left for Basel in 2012 where he won two Swiss Super League titles. In 2014, Salah joined Chelsea, and after that he signed with his current team Liverpool in 2017.

Riyad Mahrez


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Manchester City star Riyad Mahrez has more than 10 million followers on Instagram. 

Riyad Karim Mahrez was born on the 21st of February, 1991 in France and began his career at a young age as a footballer with the French club AAS Sarcelles. Like Mo Salah, Mehrz began his professional career in 2009 by signing with multiple clubs before getting signed by one of the largest clubs in the English league, Manchester City in 2018.

Because of his Algerian origin, Mahrez accepted to become the captain for the Algerian national team, with whom he participated in several tournaments, winning the African Player of the Year award in 2016.

In culinary arts

Abu Julia

Muhammad Sbaita, is one of the most famous chefs on social media, he was named "the most famous Arab chef on Facebook" by Al Jazeera news channel., 

Sbaita who has over a billion facebook views was born in Gaza in Palestine. As the son of a blacksmith, he learned his father's craft and helped him with work. At only thirteen his mother fell ill, pushing Muhammad to learn cooking with his grandmother, helping him discover an intense passion for the culinary arts.

The Palestinian chef obtained a Bachelors in English Literature then in 2017, he moved to London where he worked as a professional translator and editor.

His passion for cooking prompted him to work for a year and a half at Jamie Oliver's. In August 2020, "Muhammad" published his first video on Facebook under the name "Abu Julia". Muhammed mentioned that it was a skill that he mastered while being at home during COVID-19.

After that, Abu Julia launched his YouTube channel, which has amassed around 77 million views in a mere two years. He said that he likes to experiment with ideas in the kitchen, as it is not required to stick to traditional methods and tastes.

In Variety Content

Kareem Elsayed

Kareem Elsayed is an Egyptian content creator living in London. He has over 3 million Facebook followers and almost 2 million Youtube subscribers.

Elsayed began his journey by sharing his life experience in London with "Diary of an Egyptian in Exile". Soon, he became one of the most popular travel bloggers with videos in many countries worldwide.

His most popular videos are The most luxurious hotel in the desert of Saudi Arabia", "Travelling to Qatar to support Egypt in the Arab Cup", "The experience of the sleeper train in England" and many other diverse experiences.

Sherif Faranca

Egyptian content creator Sherif has more than a million followers on Facebook. He also shares videos about his life in France and gives tips for life situations.

Jana Hisham


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The Saudi-born influencer who lives in the United Kingdom launched her YouTube channel in 2015. Her first video titled "Saudi Expatriate in Britain" was an immediate hit.

After the success of her first episode, Jana created videos titled "Things You Don't Know About Me", "Going Back to Saudi Arabia", "My British Friends Speak Arabic", “My Apartment in London", and "The First Suhoor Gathering in Ramadan".

When Jana Hisham visited Saudi Arabia, she documented her trip with videos such as “We visited Mecca and Old Jeddah”, and “YouTubers Group Breakfast in Jeddah”.

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