These Saudi Food Influencers Need to be on Your Radar

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 16 August 2023
These Saudi Food Influencers Need to be on Your Radar

As food becomes more of an art and less of a necessity, the rise of food influencers worldwide has significantly increased. Saudi Arabia is no exception, with its diverse cuisine that blends the best of Middle Eastern tradition and modern culinary trends.

Let's explore the top 10 food influencers in Saudi Arabia: 

 1- Saudi Food Eman @saudifoodeman: 

 Eman is known for promoting Saudi Arabian cuisine. Her recipes and cooking techniques sinks into the heart of traditional Saudi dishes, bringing the rich culinary heritage of the region to the top. She takes great pride in showcasing dishes that offer a taste of home, while also introducing new, exciting flavors to her followers. 

2- One Hungry Mallu @onehungrymallu:  

This food enthusiast has a talent for finding hidden food gems and discovering a variety of cuisines. Known for his food exploration and detailed reviews, One Hungry Mallu provides valuable insights into both local and international food scenes. 

3- The Foodies @thefoodies.sa:  

 The Foodies share a variety of content, from traditional Saudi recipes and modern culinary creations to restaurant reviews and food news. Their stunning food photography is sure to impress any food lover. 

4- The Pink Tarha @thepinktarha: 

More than a food account, The Pink Tarha is a lifestyle hub that often dives into the food scene. They offer a unique perspective on food culture in Saudi Arabia, covering restaurant reviews, food festivals, and culinary trends in the region. 

5- Hisham Baeshaen @misho_baeshen

: Hisham is a food influencer known for his amazing food adventures. He offers a mix of food content, from gourmet recipes to street food experiences, giving his followers a taste of everything. 

6- Jeddah Food Guide @jeddahfoodguidee:

As the name suggests, this account is a treasure trove for anyone interested in the culinary scene in Jeddah. From high-end restaurants to local food stalls, Jeddah Foodie gives a stunning overview of where and what to eat in the city. 

7- Moe Inani @moe_inani:

 Moe is known for his honest food reviews and broad taste in food. His followers appreciate his insights into both popular and lesser-known eateries, making his account a must-follow for food explorers. 

8- Wejdan Mohammad @wejdan_mohammad_1: 

With 2 million followers on Instagram, Wejdan is not only a popular Food Vlogger and YouTuber but an Instagram influencer by all measures. She is a recipe developer and a fantastic chef

9- Ali Basha @bashacook.ar:  

 From burgers to traditional recipes, Ali has everything you could ask for. A chef and food enthusiast, Ali is a great personality to follow for food content. Just make sure you are ready for some mouth-watering videos!  

10- Bakery M @bakerym:  

Bakery M provides a sweet escape for all dessert lovers. The account features pastries and desserts, making it the go-to resource for anyone with a sweet tooth or looking for baking inspiration. 

Each of these influencers offers a unique and delicious perspective on the Saudi food scene, making them the perfect accounts to follow for anyone interested in learning about Saudi cuisine. Whether you're looking for traditional Saudi recipes, restaurant recommendations, or simply stunning food photography, these accounts have you covered.

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