All About the Saudi National Day on September 23

  • Publish date: Thursday، 20 July 2023 Last update: Thursday، 12 October 2023
All About the Saudi National Day on September 23

Every year on September 23rd, Saudi Arabian National Day is celebrated. On September 23rd, 1932, King Abdulaziz announced the union of the country as a kingdom. This Saudi Arabian National Day is also known locally as Al-Yaom-ul-Watany.

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Is it a public holiday?

Yes, in 2005, the day was declared a public holiday by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. 

Why is Saudi National Day celebrated?

The day's historical significance dates back to September 23rd, 1932 when King Abdulaziz led an effective invasion to unify the numerous Arabian Peninsula regions.

The Arabian Peninsula was previously divided into various tribal regions, each of which had its own independent rulers. To unite these areas into a unified single nation, King Abdulaziz, also known as Ibn Saud, launched a series of military campaigns known as the "Saudi Conquests."

On this day, Saudi Arabia formally established an Arab nation for the first time and the Al Saud dynasty took reign over the country.

Since then, King Abdulaziz's contribution to bringing the nation together has been recognized with the yearly celebration of Saudi National Day on September 23rd. The holiday gives Saudis a chance to show their pride in their nation's heritage, culture, and accomplishments.

How is the Saudi National Day celebrated?

The 93rd Saudi National Day holidays, events, and celebrations have not yet been formally known. However, in addition to being considered a holiday, it also includes celebrations and activities that take place in various parts of the Kingdom through:

  •  Opening all parks and recreation areas to all citizens free of charge without paying any fees.
  • Presenting cinematic and theatrical performances.
  • Then, citizens participate in equestrian competitions held in all governorates of Saudi Arabia to celebrate National Day.
  • The Kingdom will host the most famous Arab artists.
  • KSA decorates its walls and streets in green, which expresses the color of the Saudi national flag.
  • Offering many offers and discounts in all markets and shops.
  • Opening all embassies between the Kingdom and countries so that citizens abroad can celebrate the day with the participation of their country.
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