Top Local Mineral Water Companies in KSA & From Where to Get Them

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 14 June 2022
Top Local Mineral Water Companies in KSA & From Where to Get Them

The Saudi Arabian bottled water market has many global and regional players that increase their investments in research, development, marketing, and expanding their distribution network to maintain their position in the market and offer innovative bottled water. Find out in this article the top mineral water companies in KSA. 

Top Mineral Water Companies in KSA 

The list below has the best mineral water companies in Saudi Arabia:  

AKOYA Water 

AKOYA water provides and promotes healthy mineral water at an affordable price and the highest quality at the same time for everyone in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia market. Press here to order AKOYA Water online. 

  • Contact Number: +96650 065 2555 

Nova Water KSA  

Nova Water plays a crucial role in KSA's water industry by pioneering the bottling of pure water right from the source. Nova Water provides its customers with pure drinking water by following the highest standards of quality. To order Nova Water KSA, download Nova water app available on Apple Store & Google Play.  

  • Contact Number: 920033445 


Pure Aqua bottled water is widely available in the Saudi market for customer convenience, and its products are available in many sizes. 

  • Contact Number: 009663 812 1888 

Berain Water  

Berain Water offers an ideal product to consumers in KSA by using the best technologies and adopting the same stringent quality standards as used in the most advanced bottled drinking water factories worldwide. To order Berain Water online, download Berain water app, available on Apple Store, Google Play, and App Gallery. 

  • Contact Number: 920025555 

Al Qassim Water 

Al Qassim water conducts periodic tests at the most reliable European Laboratories through which they have obtained many certificates as proof of the quality of their products and their conformity to the International and European Standards. Press here to order Al Qassim Water online.  

  • Contact Number: 920022722  

Tania Water 


Tania Water has a quality certificate (SASO) from the Saudi Standards Authority, it has a low sodium rate for a healthy life, and they have fast and accurate delivery deadlines. Press here to order Tania Water KSA, or download Tania Water app, available on Apple Store & Google Play. 

  • Contact Number: 920022000 

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