Rose Farm: A Hidden Gem in Taif Saudi Arabia

  • Publish date: Saturday، 17 December 2022
Rose Farm: A Hidden Gem in Taif Saudi Arabia

The city of Taif in Saudi Arabia is also know as the City of Roses for it's beautiful rose fields and lush green sceneries. If you're a fan of nature, then you're in for a treat at these rose filled destinations.

Al Rudaf Park opens its doors for the enjoyment of various entertainment options

The park offers a perfect experience to view the pure nature of Al Taif city, know more about the locals, and try their traditional dishes along with their local tea

A trip to the rose farm in Taif gives visitors the opportunity to view beautiful scenery while learning all about the flower. People will be taken on the rose’s journey, all the way from planting to harvesting, and then becoming rose water and perfume.

Flower manufactures in the City of Roses

In the City of Flowers you will be amazed by the life journey of Taif’s flowers from planting to packaging its products, and you will enjoy listening to the stories of “Flowermen” about their inherited profession.

The scent of Taif’s flowers will be welcoming you at the manufactures doors and take you to an exciting trip to discover the most famous local craft, besides that you can sip a local coffee or tea and share unforgettable moments with your loved ones.


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