World-Renowned Chef Alain Ducasse Opens Pop-Up Restaurant in AlUla

  • Publish date: Saturday، 20 January 2024
World-Renowned Chef Alain Ducasse Opens Pop-Up Restaurant in AlUla

Culinary maestro Alain Ducasse, a luminary in the world of gastronomy, is set to make waves in Saudi Arabia's culinary landscape with the opening of his pop-up restaurant in AlUla.

Following the recent launch of the École Ducasse Abu Dhabi Studio, the first Middle Eastern outpost of his esteemed culinary institute, Chef Ducasse is introducing a unique dining experience with Ducasse in AlUla.

The pop-up restaurant is scheduled to open its doors on Saturday, January 20th, for a limited period, situated adjacent to the historic heritage site of Jabal Ikmah.

Nestled against the captivating backdrop of AlUla's iconic oasis palm trees, Ducasse in AlUla presents an oasis-to-table concept, showcasing the vibrant palette of flavors distinctive to AlUla. Executive chef Afonso Salvação Barreto, a protégé of Chef Ducasse, will lead the culinary team.

The carefully curated menu promises an integration of local ingredients sourced from nearby farms, celebrating traditional flavors infused with the finesse of French culinary traditions. Each dish will be a homage to the region's cultural heritage, harmonizing the tastes of Saudi Arabia, France, and the broader Middle Eastern region.

Alain Ducasse, with a culinary journey dating back to 1972, has worked with esteemed establishments, including Michel Guérard, Gaston Lenôtre, Alain Chapel, and Roger Vergé’s Moulin de Mougins. His restaurants currently hold an impressive 20 Michelin stars worldwide.