You Could Go to Jail for Taking and Sharing Pictures of Crime Scenes!

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 13 February 2024
You Could Go to Jail for Taking and Sharing Pictures of Crime Scenes!

Saudi Arabia has issued a stern warning, emphasizing the legal consequences of capturing and sharing images depicting criminal activities online. The advisory highlights a breach of the Anti-Cybercrime Law and underscores the importance of prevention over the cure in dealing with such matters.

Definition of Cybercrime

Colonel Al Shalhoub stressed that treating a crime with another crime is unjustifiable, emphasizing that capturing and disseminating images or details of criminal acts in the virtual realm is, in itself, a cybercrime. The warning extends to various forms of illegal documentation beyond photographs, encompassing the publication of video recordings from security cameras in public spaces such as stores and markets.

Call for Community Cooperation

Members of the Saudi community are urged to play a role in maintaining law and order by directing any evidence or documentation of criminal acts to security authorities. Colonel Al Shalhoub specifically recommended contacting the Security Operations Centre at 911 for prompt and appropriate action.

Broader Legal Implications

The prohibition goes beyond the Anti-Cybercrime Law, including violations of the Security Surveillance Camera Law. Engaging in such actions not only incurs legal consequences but also opens avenues for potential defamation and manipulation of public opinion. Authorities emphasize the importance of respecting privacy laws and legal boundaries when dealing with sensitive information.

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