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Saudi Shoura Council Approves Draft Law to Protect Saudi Flag

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 02 February 2022
Saudi Shoura Council Approves Draft Law to Protect Saudi Flag
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A draft law approved by the Kingdom’s Shoura Council on Monday will target the misuse of Saudi Arabia’s flag, emblem or national anthem.

The proposal also outlines regulations for the private sector in terms of the flag’s use, shape and size. The proposed law will now go to the Saudi Cabinet for approval.

The draft law amendment was submitted by Shoura Council member Saad Al-Otaibi, and several bodies are expected to implement the regulations, with the Ministry of Interior and Bureau of Experts at the forefront.

The proposed law also protects the state’s emblem by “accounting and punishing perpetrators of infringement or neglect, and addressing the societal practices of using the state emblem as a trademark or for commercial purposes or for any purpose other than what is stipulated in the draft law amendment.”

Al-Otaibi told Al-Arabiya that the amendment provides specific definitions of the state’s flag, national anthem and emblem.