Saudi Arabia to Open Its First Liquor Store for Non-Muslim Diplomats

  • Publish date: Thursday، 25 January 2024
Saudi Arabia to Open Its First Liquor Store for Non-Muslim Diplomats

Saudi Arabia has declared its intention to inaugurate an alcohol store in Riyadh, marking the first time such a facility has operated in the kingdom in over seven decades. The shop, situated in Riyadh's Diplomatic Quarter, is exclusively designated for non-Muslim diplomats, a move aimed at addressing the issue of illicit alcohol trade.

Exclusive Access for Diplomats

The store, as revealed in a document, will have a restricted clientele, limited solely to diplomatic personnel. Over the years, diplomats have resorted to importing alcohol in sealed official packages referred to as diplomatic pouches.

Strict Guidelines for Access

To access the facility, diplomats must register in advance and obtain government clearance. The store enforces age restrictions, permitting entry only for individuals aged 21 and above. Additionally, patrons are required to adhere to a dress code within the establishment.

The document outlines monthly limitations on alcohol purchases, with patrons restricted to 240 "points" per month. Spirits, wine, and beer are assigned varying point values, ensuring a controlled distribution of alcoholic beverages.

Legal Ramifications for Alcohol Violations

Despite this unprecedented move, individuals must exercise caution regarding alcohol consumption in Riyadh. Saudi law currently imposes severe penalties for unauthorized possession or consumption of alcohol, including fines, imprisonment, public flogging, and deportation for foreigners.