It Is About Time We Enjoy our Books with Coffee

Top 5 places in Riyadh where you can read and enjoy a cup of coffee

  • Publish date: Sunday، 20 March 2022 Last update: Monday، 21 March 2022
It Is About Time We Enjoy our Books with Coffee

Coffee is not like any drink, you have to enjoy every sip and indulge your senses in all notes; same as reading a book, you have to live every page, every event, and every detail. Books and coffee shops are historically known as key players in forming cultures in any given society.

They represent a stage for the common people to be part of the bigger picture of the contemporary intellectual dialogue. Here is a list of Saudi coffee shops in Riyadh where you can have a delightful time with your book in a calm environment, and what is better than a coffee shop with bookshelves?



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A place to read, a place to take your coffee break called Bookccino. A spot that combines the two summits of cultural symbols, books and coffee. It’s a Saudi book store where you can buy books, or even to sit there and immerse in the story of your book. It’s more a practical place for those looking for a quite clean ambiance.

District: An Narjis

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/fCQsCGSg7QYbHW186 

Book Club

What is more luxurious than reading a book on a sofa with a cup of coffee? This place is called the Book Club with a positioning line “let light spread out”. It gained a lot of popularity among youths, with its unique artistic vibes, people are going there to live that experience of enjoying coffee, books and take plenty of Instagram pictures. If you are into arts and books, this place is perfect for a hangout break.

District: AlYasmeen 

Location: https://g.page/BookclubSa?share 

Brew Bar


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With its minimalist decoration, this place boost focus, you can say it’s the hub for those who aim for a quiet spot to relax and read or study. Located near Panorama mall, this coffee shop is a perfect destination for tourists. With its calm lighting, balanced furniture, organized book shelves, and tasty coffee, it is an ideal spot for an Instagram addicted people.

District: Al Mathar Ash Shamali

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/MAbp46EZkQ6AdLcB8 


“Rightness shall prevail second to none”, and coffee with books shall prevail second to none. Inspired by the Saudi owner’s passion as a lawyer, this place is called Assesseur, meaning the judge advocate. This place portrays that coffee has its own rules, to drink it with serenity, to drink it with a book. The theme tells the story of the brand, you can see judge-related objects everywhere, even the books are related to law. If you are a person who is fascinated with law and enjoy coffee; this the place for you.

District: Al Malqa

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/xRGgYP9h6UZGE3WK7 



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A cozy coffee place with a lovely ambiance arranged for reading and book lovers. It’s a Saudi Publishing company that turned its bookstore into a reading area with calm warm lightings. They sell books but they also serve fine coffee. It’s a close to heart spot, and it’s worth the visit if you are interested in reading or having a book written by Saudi young talented authors.

District: At Taawun

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/afqbSghynwyxgwjg9

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