Airlines That Don't Serve Alcohol And Why?

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 22 February 2022
Airlines That Don't Serve Alcohol And Why?

For many passengers, a glass of wine or can of beer is part of the flying experience. However, for other travelers, this factor is completely unwelcome. In fact, a few airlines outright restrict alcohol on their services.


Most airlines that ban serving alcohol (and selling in the duty-free) on their aircraft are based in the Middle East and some are based further east across Asia. Naturally, there are significant Muslim populations in the countries that these carriers operate in. With alcohol heavily prohibited in these nations, it’s only natural that their businesses follow suit.

The Airlines

Here is a look at notable examples of airlines that don’t serve alcohol on their flights.

Air Arabia: The Emirati low-cost airline (based in Sharjah) states that alcohol is prohibited on board its planes.

EgyptAir: The flag carrier of Egypt doesn’t sell alcohol. 

Iran Air: In Iran, alcohol has been legally prohibited for Muslim Iranians since 1979. This strong stance carries over to the national airline, with no offering of alcohol.

Iraqi Airways: There is no sale of alcohol on the Iraqi flag carrier. 

Kuwait Airways: Kuwait’s national carrier doesn’t allow alcohol on its services.

Pakistan International Airlines: PIA does not serve alcohol on its flights. Pakistan’s national carrier also doesn’t let passengers consume it while on its services.

Royal Brunei Airlines: No alcoholic beverages will be found in the cabin of Brunei’s flag carrier.

Saudia: All Saudi carriers prohibit the drinking and carrying of alcohol on their services.

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