6 Ways to Celebrate Saudi Founding Day 2023 Holiday

  • Publish date: Monday، 20 February 2023 Last update: Thursday، 22 February 2024
6 Ways to Celebrate Saudi Founding Day 2023 Holiday

According to a royal decree issued by King Salman bin Abdulaziz last year, Saudi Arabia declared February 22nd as a national holiday to celebrate the Saudi Founding Day. 

The first Saudi state was founded in 1727 under the direction of Imam Muhammad bin Saud, which is where the origin of "Founding Day" can be traced back three centuries. Here are six ways to celebrate the day.

1. Almajlis event

You can visit Almajlis event, which aims to introduce visitors to the cultural heritage of the first Saudi state through lectures, dialogue, and workshops, in addition to other activities like showcasing art and musical performances. 

It will be held by the Saudi Ministry of Culture, and will take place at the King Fahad Library from February 22nd until 24th, 4-11 p.m.

2. Tour at Al-Liwan

Al-Liwan, a cultural event held in Riyadh's King Abdullah Financial District and other 13 locations nationwide, will take you back to three centuries ago, where you'll see life with the dynamism of traditional markets. 

This event will be held on February 22nd, 23rd, and 24th from 4-11 p.m. 

3. Celebrations at Boulevard Riyadh

You can watch Al-Ardha performance at Boulevard Riyadh, as part of the exciting celebrations it will host from February 20th until the 22nd. The celebrations will also offer a photobooth, and some gifts for visitors.

4. Activities at Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel

You'll enjoy a Saudi dinner buffet, a photo corner, and Saudi Henna from February 22nd until 25th at Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel. 

5. Artistic march 

You can explore the values of the founding day with a huge parade of horses and giant artistic figures that tells you a story of authenticity and development.

The parade will take place in Riyadh on Friday, February 24th, on Prince Turki bin Abdulaziz Al Awwal Road from 5-10:30 p.m. 

6. Theater musical play

The "Mu'allakatuna Imtidad Amjad" play highlights the history of Saudi Arabia and celebrates its founding day. Tickets start at SAR50.

The play takes place from February 22nd until 27th at Conference and Seminar Center - Princess Noura University - Red Hall, from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.

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