New Saudi Program to Support Local Crafting Skills

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 19 January 2022
New Saudi Program to Support Local Crafting Skills

The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts in Saudi has launched an apprenticeship program for traditional crafts.

Bedouin-style of weaving known as Al-Sadu, and traditional mud-brick construction techniques will be the focus of the first phase of the initiative will focus on the

The aim of the program is to revive and preserve traditional arts and crafts by transferring knowledge from master artisans to a new generation.

Prince Bader bin Farhan, the minister of culture and governor of the Royal Commission for AlUla, announced the initiative in a message posted on Twitter: “To keep it a #Living_Identity, the #Royal_Institute_of_Traditional_Arts launched the Apprenticeship Program in traditional Al-Sadu and mud construction tracks. #saudivision2030.”

The availability of new markets for craft products is one of the country’s tourism opportunities.

The ministry wrote: “The intangible cultural heritage initiative is an invitation to all teachers and lecturers in the Kingdom to participate in documenting and preserving the Saudi intangible cultural heritage.”

The traditional Saudi craft of Al-Sadu weaving was added to the UNESCO intangible heritage list in 2020.It is described as a traditional form of weaving practiced by Bedouin women. Al-Sadu translates as weaving in a horizontal style.

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