Here Are Some of The Best Hotels in AlUla

  • Publish date: Monday، 04 September 2023 Last update: Thursday، 12 October 2023
Here Are Some of The Best Hotels in AlUla

AlUla is an ancient Arabic oasis city located in Medina province of northwestern Saudi Arabia. 

You will find untold tales in its ancient sites since its rocks are covered in enigmatic symbols, magnificent inscriptions, and manuscripts dating back to the first century BC.   

At AlUla, you will enjoy extraordinary experiences like rock climbing, hiking, and camping in a stunning desert beneath a starry sky, as well as seasonal events and musical and cultural activities that combine a rich history with a modern taste. 

Here are some of the best hotels in AlUla: 

Banyan Tree AlUla 

Banyan Tree AlUla, which has given the former Ashar Resort a much-needed glow-up while yet keeping that Bedouin-inspired grandeur, is located in a charming neighborhood in Ashar Valley. 

All villas share the same earthy color scheme of warm creams, terracotta, and sand indicative of the surroundings, with floor-to-ceiling windows offering views of the undulating desert. 

Many rooms also feature private pools, allowing visitors to relax in the seclusion of their own accommodation if they choose.  

However, a swim in the resort's breathtaking Rock Pool, which is tucked amid craggy rocks, is a must-do activity. 

The resort has also expanded an amazing schedule of on-property activities, including stargazing and horseback riding with local guides. 

Here Are Some of The Best Hotels in AlUla

Habitas AlUla 

In 2021, the upscale eco-retreat Habitas established roots in the Ashar Valley in AlUla. 

Rooms are tucked away amid man-made dunes for maximum solitude, and many have breathtaking mountain views from their private terraces. 

The best way to get around is on an electric bike. 

The hotel has 96 villas spread out across the wide desert terrain. 

 The main restaurant, Tama, which is Japanese for "here and now," has spacious lounge areas and numerous long tables for large parties to eat at. 

The menu features filling dishes with a strong Middle Eastern flavor and emphasizes the use of ingredients from nearby farms. 

A separate open-air seating area leads out to a glittering infinity pool. It is the ideal position to dive between the water and the peaceful environment of the lounge. 

Habitas has a variety of different gathering areas as well, such as the glass-lined welcome area, moon shell coffee room, and an outdoor area for breathing courses and meditation. 

A massive swing set with a backdrop of enormous rock formations and trampolines is located in the desert sands letting guests unleash their inner child.  

Habitas AlUla, Ashar Valley, AlUla 43511. 

Here Are Some of The Best Hotels in AlUla

Caravan AlUla 

Caravan AlUla is a five-minute drive from the Habitas resort, so glampers who check in enjoy all of the resort's amenities, such as Tama restaurant, access to the infinity pool, and exercise and wellness rooms. 

Accommodations there come in the shape of vintage airstream trailers tucked into the AlUla valley rather than tents in the style of the Bedouins. 

Each features its own kitchenette, dining area, and separate shower and toilet, as well as twin or neat double beds. 

There are also separate facilities for Caravan such as the new gathering tent, where guests can connect over games under a shaded tent, an open-air cinema beaming films onto a rock face, and a pair of vintage food trucks where guests can gather for fresh croissants at breakfast or pizzas in the afternoon. 

The resort is expected to reopen in October 2023. 

Caravan AlUla, Al Atheeb 43570.   

 Here Are Some of The Best Hotels in AlUla

Ashar Tented Resort 

Ashar Tented Resort's rustic architecture is part of its allure, stretching along the sandy plains of Ashar Valley. 

Each of the luxurious accommodations, which are available in one- or two-bedroom configurations, is created with traditional Nabatean architecture in mind. 

Inside, there are all the amenities a visitor could ask for to have a comfortable stay, including en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi in every room. 

All tents have doors that open to covered terraces with views of the breathtaking scenery, and the villa suites have their own private pools so you can cool off after a day of touring. 

There is also a modern all-day dining restaurant on-site. 

 Here Are Some of The Best Hotels in AlUla

Cloud 7 Residence 

On the outskirts of AlUla town, Cloud7 Residence is one of the greatest hotels for experiencing a sense of proximity to the action. 

However, because of its slightly out-of-the-way location, Cloud7 enjoys expansive views of some of AlUla's most breathtaking scenery while still being close to everything. 

There is an open-plan living area and a fully functional kitchenette in the modern, unadorned units. 

A private terrace is also included in each of the bungalows with one bedroom. 

Cloud7 Residence, Al Aziziyah District, AlUla 43552. 

 Here Are Some of The Best Hotels in AlUla

Shaden Resort 

As one of the original  AlUla hotels, it has a more classic aesthetic than other of the location's newer counterparts. 

There are many different types of accommodations available, ranging from spacious villas with private pools to light-filled guest rooms that open to terraces and balconies. 

There is a Royal Suite with six bedrooms for the ultimate group holiday. 

The physical and metaphorical heart of the resort is a massive pool where visitors can gather and take a dip. 

There are also three restaurants and a cafe, including the popular Myazu branch in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. 

Here Are Some of The Best Hotels in AlUla

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