Saudi Arabia Grants Free Visas for Evacuees From Sudan

  • Publish date: Monday، 01 May 2023
Saudi Arabia Grants Free Visas for Evacuees From Sudan

Saudi Arabia is granting free visas for all nationals who have been evacuated from war-torn Sudan on a legal basis, Sulaiman Al-Yahya, Director General of Passports (Jawazat) told the Al-Ekhbariya channel.

"Accordingly, those who were evacuated from Sudan can enter the Kingdom as any member of the Saudi society and as any person who visits the Kingdom and they can have free movement. However, they must have scheduled departure plans," he said.

Al-Yahya added that this initiative comes under the directives of the leadership of Saudi Arabia. 

In related news, 45 Saudi citizens and 36 Pakistani nationals arrived at King Abdullah Air Base in Jeddah from Sudan Sunday morning, April 30th. 

The Directorate has provided the evacuees with the necessary services to complete their travel procedures and they have been doing so in collaboration with the embassies of these evacuees' respective countries. 

The Jawazat has mobilized all its technical and human facilities to serve the evacuees who have arrived at Jeddah's King Abdulaziz International Airport and the Islamic Port. 

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia successfully evacuated 1,866 people from Sudan, including Saudi citizens and residents of 65 other nations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

The ministry announced that as many as 5,013 people from different 100 nations have been evacuated from Sudan by Saudi Arabia to date.

Saudi Arabia has received appreciation from the Muslim World League (MWL) for its important humanitarian and diplomatic contributions to the Sudan conflict. The Kingdom is recognized in particular for the effective evacuation of citizens from several friendly and Islamic nations, including ambassadors, government representatives, as well as workers of international organizations.

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