Saudi Arabia Evacuates 31 Citizens and 1,143 Others From Sudan

  • Publish date: Monday، 08 May 2023
Saudi Arabia Evacuates 31 Citizens and 1,143 Others From Sudan

Saudi Arabia has evacuated 31 Saudi citizens from war-torn Sudan as well as 1,143 people from other countries amid the ongoing conflict in the African country.

A total of 453 Yemeni and Sudanese evacuees arrived in Jeddah on Sunday, May 8th, aboard HMS Abha and HMS Riyadh.

Meanwhile, three Royal Saudi Air Force aircraft transported the Saudi citizens, and 690 nationals of Sudan, Lebanon, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Russia, and the US.

Saudi Arabia worked to host the evacuees and provide them with support and care before being sent to their home countries.

The total number of individuals evacuated from Sudan by Saudi Arabia has now reached 8,498 with Sunday's operation, according to the ministry, which includes 278 Saudis and 8,220 people from 110 different nationalities.

Saudi Arabia has received appreciation from the Muslim World League (MWL) for its important humanitarian and diplomatic contributions to the Sudan conflict. Saudi is recognized in particular for the effective evacuation of citizens from several friendly and Islamic nations, including ambassadors, government representatives, as well as workers of international organizations.

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