Insurance Against Medical Errors for Medical Staff Implemented

The insurance is mandatory and will be implemented for health practitioners against medicial errors.

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 25 April 2023
Insurance Against Medical Errors for Medical Staff Implemented

Mandatory insurance against medical errors for health practitioners has been implemented and the insurance will cover staff from many specialities.

The decision to introduce this mandatory insurance was made in November 2022 in a Cabinet meeting chaired by King Salman. The decision included approving mandatory cooperative insurance against medical errors for health practitioners working in these disciplines. 

The disciplines that will be granted the mandatory insurance include cardiology, physiotherapy, nutrition (intravenous therapeutic nutrition), nursing, pharmacy, anaesthesia, midwifery, laboratories, diagnostic radiology, ambulance (emergency medical services), speech and communication, respiratory treatment, audiology, bone setting, withdrawing blood, optics, and operation room technician.

This decision has come into effect whilst the transfer of the jurisdiction of medical dispute panels in Saudi Arabia to the general judiciary under the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), as the Ministries of Justice and Health signed a memorandum for implementing this system. 

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