Saudi: First Saudi Female Train Pilots in the Middle East Assigned

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 03 January 2023
Saudi: First Saudi Female Train Pilots in the Middle East Assigned
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The Saudi Railway Company (SAR) has celebrated the graduation of the first batch of female drivers of the Haramain Express Train, one of the fastest trains in the world. The batch consisting of 32 Saudi women, will pilot one the trains.

SAR took to their official Twitter account to share a video of the part of the training operations from inside the driving cab, which the trainees undergo to qualify them to drive trains. The post said "Today, we are marking a new step in terms of localizing competencies and empowering women in our pioneering sector, and we are happy to launch the first phase of the program to prepare #Haramain_Express_Train Leaders, to continue our steps in supporting national cadres to achieve the goals of the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics"

These women will be the first female train drivers in the Middle East.

The training process took place through a simulator that completely represents reality, as it contains a real driving cabin, through which all weather factors and technical problems that they may encounter