BARBIE BEGUM:- The Doll From The Arabian Nights

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BARBIE BEGUM:- The Doll From The Arabian Nights

The Arabian Nights is a classic version of fairy tales of the Middle East dedicated to Arab culture and traditions. Seeing Aladdin sailing on the flying carpet over the Arabian dunes is mesmerizing. At the same time, Ali Baba enters the caves, secretly escaping the forty thieves to dive into the kingdom of gold. However, if I could get the magic lamp in my hands and have the Genie grant me one wish, it would be for the creation of the Arab Barbie or Barbie Begum  marking the pages of the Arabian Nights. Although the new generation craves Barbie and its taste for being modern, one cannot deny that the introduction of Barbie Begum would be a miracle in the world of fiction and Arab entertainment as we associate this Western doll with Middle Eastern traits. Let us explore how Barbie Begum looks in her traditional burqa and how Barbie Mulk (Barbie Land) captivates us all. 


BARBIE BEGUM:- The Doll From The Arabian Nights

This picture reveals how Barbie Begum loves to dress in her Burqa and reflects pride in her culture. Unlike the Western Barbie, Barbie Begum follows the roots of the Arabic culture and mostly likes staying reserved and occupied by itself. She does not care what others think of her and has no hardcore passion for becoming a model. She wants to follow her customs and awaits festivals like Eid and the Islamic New Year when she can relish the feast of Mutton Biryani along with her family members.

BARBIE MULK (Barbie Land) 

BARBIE BEGUM:- The Doll From The Arabian Nights

Barbie Mulk is an enchanting kingdom dotted with vast gold palaces reflecting the wealth and splendor of Arab culture. It is magnificent to see how Barbie Begums begin their day by sailing Barbie Mulkh over their flying carpets and greeting each other. The melody of Arabic music flows throughout the kingdom, and the essence of magic is felt everywhere with secret golden caves, genies, flying carpets and invisible clothes. An ideal feast in Barbie Mulkh consists of lamb curry, biryani, kebabs, shawarma, baklava, and many other delectable dishes that make our mouths water. 

SHEIKH KEN (Male Barbie Doll) 

BARBIE BEGUM:- The Doll From The Arabian Nights

Sheikh Ken would be the Arabic equivalent of the Western Ken male Barbie doll. Dressed in a white robe, Sheikh Ken ensures the peace and harmony of Barbie Mulk by traveling on his camel throughout the kingdom and checking on all the residents. Both Barbie Begum and Sheikh Ken promote and inspire Arabic culture while simultaneously introducing a new concept of fiction to the globe. 


BARBIE BEGUM:- The Doll From The Arabian Nights

Many people long for the official creation of the Arab Barbie and hope to enlighten the audience of the Middle East through its creation. Some title it as a mirage of hope, feeling they would get excited about this perspective but may need more time to get results. However, this article motivates people to develop the Arab Barbie and Barbie Land for the Middle East. 

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