Different Kinds of Visas for Saudi Arabia

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 21 December 2022
Different Kinds of Visas for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, a country in western Asia, is varied, featuring deserts, grasslands, mountain ranges, and forests. Regional differences in climate exist. Saudi Arabia welcomes millions of tourists each year, particularly more during the time of the pilgrimage.

Here are some of the most common visa types that are issued for Saudi Arabia and important details concerning Saudi Arabian visa kinds and Saudi Arabian visa rules for your interest in visiting Saudi Arabia.

There are four primary visa categories in Saudi Arabia:

Short-term Visa
Long-term Visa
E- Transit Visa

Furthermore, each of these categories has several subcategories relating to the reason for the visit.

Saudi Arabia E-visa

The electronic visa for Saudi Arabia allows for multiple entries and has a one-year validity period. The applicant's stay is limited to 90 days for each entrance and 180 days annually. Visas to Saudi Arabia can be obtained online by citizens of 47 different countries. Some of these countries are Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia.

A Saudi Arabian visa must be applied for at a consulate or embassy if you are not exempt from visa requirements or qualified for an eVisa. The fee for a Saudi Arabia visa for online applications ranges from 50 to 215 USD, and processing takes three to five working days.

Saudi Arabia Tourist, Government, Business, Family, Hajj, and Diplomatic and Official Visa come under the category of Short term visas. 

1. Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa

Foreigners who plan to travel to Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes must get a tourist visa. Performing Umrah is permitted for those with a tourist visa. The period of a single entry is limited to 90 days, while the tourist visa is valid for up to one full year (365 days).

Different Kinds of Visas for Saudi Arabia

2. Saudi Arabia Government Visa

This type of visa is issued by the government. A tourist visa's requirements for paperwork and applicant information are extremely similar. A letter of invitation is also required to be shown during the application process. You should look for a letter of invitation sent electronically by a Saudi Arabian company or a visa approval issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3. Saudi Arabia Business Visa

As a representative of a firm or organization, some individuals are required to travel to numerous locations throughout the globe. You must obtain a Saudi Arabia Business Visa if you plan to travel there for this purpose.

4. Saudi Arabia Diplomatic and Official Visa

You should apply for a diplomatic and official visa if you wish to attend meetings, consultations, negotiations, exchange programs, and other programs organized by intergovernmental organizations in Saudi Arabia.

5. Saudi Arabia Family Visa

You need a Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa if you want to go to see a friend or relative who lives in Saudi Arabia. Compared to other short-term visa types, some additional documents are required:

  • Confirmation of kinship:   You must provide proof of your relationship to the person you want to visit. 
  • Evidence of a visit:  If the inviter offers to host the applicants in his home, he should give specifics about the residence. You also need a letter of invitation.
  • Documents of minors

6. Saudi Arabia Hajj Visa

Religious travelers to sacred sites are required to obtain a Saudi Arabia Hajj Visa.

Different Kinds of Visas for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Long-Term Visa

The two main reasons to apply for a long-term visa are Education and employment.

Work Visa

The process of getting a work visa includes: 

  • Your employer submits a work permit application to the Ministry of Labor.
  • Upon receiving the update that the application has been accepted, the Ministry of Labor informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which subsequently provides a Visa Authorization Number.
  • A Saudi Arabia work visa application is submitted at the nearest embassy or consulate.

You must apply for a residence permit from the Ministry of Labor after receiving your Saudi work visa and entering the Kingdom.

Student Visa

International students must apply for the Saudi Arabia Study Visa if they intend to travel to Saudi Arabia to study, train, or conduct research. To be eligible for a Saudi Arabia Student Visa, you must first be accepted into a Saudi educational institution. The institution must then seek approval for your student visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approves the visa, you can then apply at one of the Saudi Arabian embassies or consulates nearby by presenting the necessary paperwork.

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