Get a stunning look with these simple steps

  • Publish date: Monday، 10 July 2023
Get a stunning look with these simple steps

Wearing comfortable and elegant clothes can be a bit difficult, but by following these simple steps, from choosing elegant accessories to wearing the right colors for the summer, you can shop at Farfetch store and use farfetch code to get amazing discounts, In this article, we will provide you with the most important pieces you can wear; Which helps you to have an attractive appearance at all times.

  • Clothing

Clothing is the main element in obtaining an elegant and attractive appearance, so it is important to choose it carefully, make sure that you have formal sets in basic colors in your wardrobe, and you can also buy sports wear that you can wear when you go for a walk or to the gym, and your closet should include comfortable jeans with tops and polo shirts, which can be worn when going out with family or friends, Noon store offers various discounts across noon coupon on a large selection of clothes and fashion.

  • The shoes

When coordinating your look, it is important to choose the right shoes for your clothes, as an Amazon store provides special discounts on international brands when using amazon coupon, For example, when wearing suits and formal sets, you must wear leather shoes in black or brown, while when wearing regular and comfort clothes, you can wear soft shoes or boots in white, black, or neutral colors, while if you wear sportswear, you can choose sports boots that match the colors you wear.

  • Personal care products and perfumes

Wearing elegant clothes may not be enough, as it is important to maintain a beautiful and fresh scent, so be sure to shower daily, especially in hot weather, and you should use a good deodorant that lasts longer, and It is important that you use the appropriate perfume for the place, use the Eau de Toilette on a daily basis, but when you go to a meeting or a party, you can use a perfume with a stronger scent and it lasts for a longer time.

  • Accessories

Wearing elegant accessories may add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your clothes, so be sure to choose the right accessories for your clothes. Here are the most important pieces that you can choose to suit your look:

Get a stunning look with these simple steps

  1. Belts

Wearing the right belt may give you an attractive and elegant look, so it is important to choose a belt in the right color and size for your look, as there are many international brands that offer a variety of styles to suit your clothes, you can choose a plain leather belt or with different graphics, in addition to braided belts and belts with Both sides, which can be used more.

  1. Watches

There are different forms of watches such as formal and sports watches or smart watches. If you wear formal clothes, you can choose a formal watch. If you wear sports clothes, then the sports watch will be appropriate for your look. While if you wear casual or sports clothes, you can wear a smartwatch, coordinate the color of the watch to match the colors of your clothes; For a complete look.

  1. Sunglasses

You can choose different colors such as black, hazel, brown, or embossed, and there are different shapes of sunglasses with a square, round, rectangular, or geometric frame, and choose glasses from a well-known international brand that gives you a look of luxury, and it will last for a longer period, and avoid choosing Cheap glasses that wear out quickly, ruining your look.

  1. Bags and wallets

When you have a lot of items, it is preferable that you put them inside a small and easy-to-carry bag, because carrying your items in a random way will give you an inappropriate look, and you should choose a wallet of a suitable size to put personal cards and bank cards, so that it is easy and quick to find, there are various shapes Plain and embossed leather wallets with different graphics.

Finally, remember to dress appropriately for your personality and not have to imitate others. We hope that you have benefited from the information presented in this article; For an attractive and distinctive look at all times.

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