Historic Souq from the Time of Prophet Muhammad Uncovered in Makkah

  • Publish date: Thursday، 09 February 2023
Historic Souq from the Time of Prophet Muhammad Uncovered in Makkah

In a joint effort by the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives, and the Ministry of Culture and its Heritage Commission, they dedicated a group of scientists from Saudi Arabia who discovered the location of an ancient Souq in Makkah area.

The vibrant Arab world was once home to many bustling markets, and one of the largest was Souq Habasha. It is located in the Tihamah region of Arabia and was also known as a significant trading center for Arabs prior to and during the early Islamic period.

This annual market attracted merchants from across the region for eight days of trade and commerce and was renowned for its diverse goods and lively atmosphere. However, the market was held until the Islamic year 197 (813 A.D.).

Now, after centuries of being forgotten, plans are underway to revive Souq Habasha. This will bring back a vital piece of Arabian cultural heritage providing an opportunity for merchants and traders to connect and participate in trade once again.

In addition, it will attract a great deal of attention and interest, as people come together to celebrate this important piece of history.

“Documenting historical knowledge must follow a precise technique,” said Fahd Al-Samari, the foundation’s secretary-general and the chair of the Souq Habasha scientific committee.

Consequently, the department has undergone several documentation initiatives, such as documenting the Okaz market and various locations associated with the life of Prophet Muhammad in the kingdom.

The Habasha market, renowned for its extensive historical and cultural significance, is supposed to bring substantial benefits to the Kingdom both culturally and economically.

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