The Land of Fluffy Crunchy Croissants in Riyadh

Easy Bakery, the best place for baked goods and sourdough bread in Riyadh

  • Publish date: Thursday، 10 March 2022 Last update: Friday، 11 March 2022
The Land of Fluffy Crunchy Croissants in Riyadh

“A rose started off a bud, a bird started off an egg, and a forest started off a seed.”, as Matshona Dhliwayo once said. This resonates exactly with Saudi bakery chef; Shaden AlAjlan, a female entrepreneur now known as the owner of the famous coffee shop Easy Bakery.

She mastered the art of mixing butter with dough. She is the queen of the most satisfying bakery in Riyadh. Mostly all Saudi specialty coffee shops have supplied their shelves with her yummy baked goods.

EB, A Supplier from Home A Cooker from Snapchat


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Our uplifting story goes back to 2017 when AlAjlan started her business as an online supplier. At that time, and till now, her baked delicious magical square cakes dropped in the market as a gift from God to all those coffee shops lacking a bakery specialist. It was like as a save harbor for those Café-goers who adores hanging out in coffee shops most of the time. The name was labeled on those cakes was “ep”, which you can follow in Instagram as the “Easy Bakery”. Yet no one can order those cakes from that private account, people craving cakes had to go to a coffee shop to get them.

AlAjlan was smart enough to build that suspense in the heart of her fans. She communicated with them not only through her bakery goods, but also through her own snapchat platform. She shares that harmonious relationship she enjoys with her mixtures of flour, liquids, and butter while baking her croissants and pastries. People were kept on the edge of their seats waiting for her store to see the light.

Opening of Easy Bakery


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In December 2021, the day we longed for had finally come. Easy Bakery opened its doors for the public and started welcoming lines and long queues. Believing in the quality, it was an easy decision for them to wait for half an hour, less or more, to put their hands on one of those freshly baked goods. Hands down, here comes the best bakery in town. According to people who visited the place; the service is fast, prices are reasonable and it has the most elegant display. Forget your calories for a day, and take a bite or two.  

Food & Ambiance


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Here lies your buttery heaven, your bread paradise, and your sweet land.  The ambiance is covered with white cozy decoration with marble tables. The aroma of baking absorbs all that negative energy, and fills your soul with positivity. It offers an indoor and outdoor seating that can get hold of if you were so lucky.  Surfing the google maps review, you can see that people are recommending the almond croissant, focaccia, sweet tarts and cardamom babka. They also serve good quality coffee if you are into for a perfect breakfast experience. When it comes to Easy Bakery, one visit is never enough.

Opening Hours: 7:00 am -7:00pm

Location: Riyadh

District: AlYasmin  

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