Saudi Asserts No Diplomatic Ties with Israel Without Palestinian State

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 07 February 2024
Saudi Asserts No Diplomatic Ties with Israel Without Palestinian State

Saudi Arabia restated its position to the United States, emphasizing that it will not engage in diplomatic relations with Israel unless certain conditions are met. The Saudi foreign ministry asserted that recognition of an independent Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem and cessation of Israeli "aggression" in Gaza are prerequisites for any potential diplomatic engagement.

Response to U.S. Statements

The statement from the Saudi foreign ministry comes in response to remarks made by White House National Security spokesperson John Kirby regarding discussions about normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel. While the Biden administration conveyed positive signals regarding the willingness of both countries to continue dialogue, Saudi Arabia's reaffirmation of its stance underscores its commitment to the Palestinian cause.

History of Relations

Talks of formalizing ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia have been ongoing, particularly after Saudi Arabia tacitly supported the normalization agreements between Gulf neighbors United Arab Emirates and Bahrain with Israel in 2020. However, Saudi Arabia halted U.S.-backed plans to normalize relations with Israel in October 2023 amid escalating tensions between Palestinian militant group Hamas and Israeli forces.

Maintaining a Principled Stand

Saudi Arabia's decision to reiterate its conditions for diplomatic relations with Israel underscores its principled stance on the Palestinian issue. Despite potential diplomatic opportunities, the kingdom remains firm in its commitment to advocating for Palestinian rights and addressing ongoing conflicts in the region.

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