Riyadh Bus Unveils New Dedicated Bus Lanes

Discover the latest in Riyadh's transportation evolution as the unveiling of new dedicated bus lanes promises smoother city travel.

  • Publish date: Monday، 22 April 2024
Riyadh Bus Unveils New Dedicated Bus Lanes

Riyadh Bus has lifted the curtain on its expanded network, offering seamless access to key destinations across the capital. These dedicated routes include the extension of King Abdulaziz Road to Al Iskan District (BRT 11), As Suwaidi – Ash-Shifa Route (BRT 12), and Khalid Ibn Alwaleed Route (BRT 13).

The recent expansion follows the successful launch of the fourth phase of Riyadh Bus in October, with over 50 routes, 2,100 bus stations, and 670 buses now operational, covering more than 1,500 kilometers of the city's expanse.

Under the auspices of the Royal Commission of Riyadh City (RCRC), the Riyadh Bus network continues to evolve, with plans underway for 33 additional feeder routes.


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Expanding on the recent fourth stage launch, seven new Riyadh Bus routes have been introduced, enhancing connectivity across various districts. From Al Rabea to Al Yasmeen station (route 932) to Al Nuzha to Al Taawoun station (route 933), these routes offer comprehensive coverage for commuters. Additionally, routes 942, 944, 945, 947, and 948 provide vital links between key districts and stations, ensuring efficient city-wide travel.

With a planned 1,900-kilometer transport network, Riyadh Bus continues to redefine urban mobility, offering convenient and accessible transportation solutions for residents and visitors alike.

Embark on your Riyadh adventure with ease, thanks to a range of ticketing options available. From single-use tickets priced at SAR4, accessible via ticketing kiosks at select stations, to flexible day passes spanning three days, seven days, or a month, Riyadh Bus caters to diverse travel needs.

For seamless transactions, utilize the Riyadh bus app or opt for contactless payment methods, including credit/debit cards or smartphone payment apps, ensuring hassle-free journeys across the city.

Since its inception, Riyadh Bus has emerged as a vital lifeline for commuters, completing over 631,000 trips and serving more than 11 million passengers, underscoring its pivotal role in Riyadh's evolving transport landscape.

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