3 Traffic Violations to Be Monitored Starting June 4th

  • Publish date: Sunday، 04 June 2023
3 Traffic Violations to Be Monitored Starting June 4th

Saudi Arabia's General Directorate of Traffic (Muroor) has confirmed that the automatic surveillance of three traffic violations will be activated starting Sunday, June 4th.

The surveillance system will detect the following violations: 

  • Driving along sidewalks or pedestrian paths of roads where driving is prohibited

  • Failure to use the necessary lights during the night or in terrible weather conditions that cause blurred vision

  • Failure of trucks and heavy equipment to comply with the right lane on a multi-lane road

Last month, Muhammad Al Bassami, director general of Public Security, announced the automation of seven traffic violations electronically.

He mentioned that besides the aforementioned infractions, other violations that will be detected by the system include violation of traffic regulations, driving vehicles with damaged number plates, bypassing the station measuring the weights and dimensions of transport vehicles, and parking vehicles in places that are not designated for parking. 

The General Traffic Department and the Special Forces for Road Security will be responsible for the surveillance of these violations and the system will be introduced to improve traffic control and safety across the Kingdom.

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