Dina Hayek Announces That She Has Cancer

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 11 October 2022
Dina Hayek Announces That She Has Cancer

In Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the 40-year-old Lebanese singer, Dina Hayek, confirmed that she had stage three breast cancer. Hayek stated that she has been receiving chemotherapy weekly for 6 months, noting that she kept the news of the disease secret throughout the past period, but decided to announce it hours before her appearance as part of a breast cancer awareness program.

During the past hours, fans of the Lebanese artist circulated a picture of her lying on a bed from inside a hospital, with wishes for a speedy recovery, and the star had republished it through her account on Twitter.

In an interview on Twitter with Nidal Ahmdieh, Dina Hayek mentioned that she discovered the disease suddenly, as she frequented her private doctor for periodic secondary examinations, only to discover by chance that she had breast cancer, stressing that if she had not discovered the malignant disease at this time, it would have spread in her body; In this regard, she decided to cut part of her hair, and also confirmed her participation in working to educate women about the necessity of periodic examinations.

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