Saudi-Bred Falcon Fetches Record $133,000 at Riyadh Auction

  • Publish date: Sunday، 20 August 2023
Saudi-Bred Falcon Fetches Record $133,000 at Riyadh Auction

A falcon from a Saudi breeding facility has become the most expensive in the Middle East, selling at auction for a record SR500,000, considerably surpassing the previous SR270,000 mark.

The cherrug falcon, also known as a Hur in the local language, was one of several that drew high bids at the third International Falcon Breeders Auction on Friday.

Total auction sales were SR1.5 million, with two Saudi falcons going for a combined price of SR570,000 on the same day.

Al-Nader Falcons' cherrug falcon was up for bid, with the opening bid starting at SR50,000 and rising to a record SR500,000.

Al-Dahas Falcon offered a second free-range falcon for auction, and it sold for SR70,000.

Leading international falcon breeding farms are taking part in the auction at the Saudi Falcons Club headquarters in Malham, around 80 km north of Riyadh.

Selling will go on through August 25th.