KSA Announces 24-hour Nationwide Ceasefire in Sudan

  • Publish date: Saturday، 10 June 2023
KSA Announces 24-hour Nationwide Ceasefire in Sudan

The rivals Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) will observe a 24-hour nationwide ceasefire, Saudi Arabia and the US announced on Friday.

Starting at six in the morning, Khartoum time, there will be a nationwide ceasefire. The sides agreed that during the ceasefire they would not engage in any banned movements, attacks, use of aircraft or drones, aerial attacks, artillery strikes, or reinforcing of positions. Additionally, they won't take advantage of the ceasefire for military advantage.

Both parties consented to allow unrestricted distribution and transport of humanitarian aid across the nation. In an effort to stop the cycle of chaos, they put forward the most recent ceasefire. If followed, the 24-hour ceasefire will present a significant opportunity for the parties to engage in confidence-building measures, which may allow the Jeddah peace talks to resume.

The facilitators emphasized that if the parties do not abide by the 24-hour ceasefire, they may have to think about postponing the Jeddah talks.

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