Free Hajj Offered to Elderly Pakistani Man after Viral Madina Video

  • Publish date: Sunday، 30 April 2023
Free Hajj Offered to Elderly Pakistani Man after Viral Madina Video

An elderly Pakistani man who became a viral figure after being filmed praying barefoot and showing emotions in the Prophet's Mosque in Madina during Ramadan has been offered a free Hajj. The gesture has touched the hearts of millions of Muslims worldwide.

Abdul Qadir Bakhsh, an 82-year-old shepherd from Pakistan, saved money for more than 15 years by grazing the goats of the village people for wages to do the Umrah. He sold his goats for years to make his dream come true. Many social media users were impressed with his simple appearance and humility, with some comparing him to famous Islamic personalities.

"I feel like all my worries have vanished. My heart is content. I am not even short of sustenance, I am happy. My wish to visit the shrine of the holy prophet, and Makkah, has been granted", said Bakhsh

After returning to his village in Pakistan, Abdul Qadir Bakhsh received many congratulations from visitors who were delighted that he was able to make the Umrah journey. Despite being back home, Bakhsh is already planning to save up for his greatest wish, performing the Hajj.

His story has garnered attention and led to many Saudis and Pakistanis offering him free Hajj and Umrah trips, including a tweet from Turk Al Sheikh from the Ministry of Entertainment.

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