Woman Saved in Madinah After her Heart Stopped for 8 Minutes

  • Publish date: Thursday، 15 June 2023
Woman Saved in Madinah After her Heart Stopped for 8 Minutes

An Indonesian woman's life was saved by healthcare professionals at the Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport Medical Center in Madinah after her heart stopped for eight minutes after arriving at the airport.

Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Health Cluster reported that the medical teams at the Health Control Center had received a report stating that there was an individual in a state of coma inside the international arrival hall.

After the case arrived at the center and was examined, it was found that the heart had stopped. Immediately, cardiopulmonary resuscitation was started twice until the pulse was restored and after the condition stabilized.

Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport's Health Control Center has welcomed 90,104 pilgrims through its main facility and temporary health units, meaning that 87,857 pilgrims have benefited from the preventive services offered thereby.

The cluster showed that 2,218 individuals had received treatment services, and 29 of those patients had their treatment plans completed at one of the area's hospitals.

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