Saudi Arabia to Link Insurance to Domestic Worker Contract Soon

  • Publish date: Saturday، 28 January 2023
Saudi Arabia to Link Insurance to Domestic Worker Contract Soon

The initiative to link insurance provisions to labor contracts for hiring domestic workers will be activated soon in Saudi Arabia.

The ministry has set the cost of hiring domestic workers. Recruiters should not exceed the cost of hiring Sri Lankan domestic workers over the approved maximum rate of SR15,000. The ministry has set the upper limit for the recruitment of domestic workers at SR15,000, exclusive of value-added tax (VAT).

The ministry had earlier announced the upper limit for recruiting domestic workers from a number of countries and that included Uganda (SR9,500); Thailand (SR10,000); Kenya (SR10,870); Bangladesh (SR13,000); the Philippines (SR17,288). These costs do not include VAT.

The Musaned platform is the official platform for the recruitment sector in Saudi Arabia, and it provides many services such as issuing visas; choosing a recruitment office; electronic contracting and following up the contract journey in full.

The Wage Protection Program was introduced to protect the rights of workers with regard to their wages in the Kingdom, and this was in association with Saudi banks and financial institutions. 

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