The Private Sector Hired 400,000 Saudis in 2022

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 18 January 2023
The Private Sector Hired 400,000 Saudis in 2022

Through its programs and initiatives to work in the establishments of the private sector, the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF) has announced its contribution to ensuring the employment of 400,000 Saudi men and women year 2022.

Turki Aljawini, the director general of HADAF, stated that the Fund is working in compliance with an important partnership with various government and private sectors in order to help and empower the Saudis with work opportunities.

The growing number of people and businesses in the private sector whose hiring has been assisted and who have also profited from the facilities and from the learning, empowerment, and guidance support programs has been a result of the Fund's efforts to adapt to the evolving demands of the labor market and increase its effectiveness.

Aljawini further stated that more than 1.49 million men and women had benefited from the services and training, empowerment, and guiding support programs offered via the Fund in 2022. Additionally, more than 138,000 companies in various Saudi Arabian areas and labor market sectors profited from the Fund's services in 2022, above the national average.
 The Private Sector Hired 400,000 Saudis in 2022

He claimed that SR6 billion in total had been invested in the training and empowerment supporting programs during 2022.

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