Google's Bard AI Is Now Accessible in Saudi Arabia, UAE

  • Publish date: Saturday، 13 May 2023
Google's Bard AI Is Now Accessible in Saudi Arabia, UAE
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Tech giant Google has announced it would make its latest generative artificial intelligence tool Bard accessible to people in more than 180 countries and territories, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The company added that the tool will also become available in over 40 languages, starting with Japanese and Korean.

Google is competing with Microsoft-backed Bing and ChatGPT for a greater share of the generative AI market.

In February, Google first announced its chatbot, but it was only available in limited countries. 

The new conversational AI service focuses on creating innovative ways to engage with information.

Bard is intended to be used for creative collaboration such as generating software code or writing a caption for a photo.

It allows collaboration with generative AI, technology that relies on past data to create rather than identify content.