Hail Rally: The Moment of a Qatari Participant's Car Overturned

  • Publish date: Sunday، 13 November 2022
Hail Rally: The Moment of a Qatari Participant's Car Overturned

A person documented the moment a Qatari participant's car overturned in the Hail Rally. The video showed the Qatari participant lying on his back and surrounded by a number of people who helped and removed the driver of the vehicle after it overturned.

The video recorded a person rushing towards the car after it overturned and chanting loudly "a rollover", and the Qatari participant helped get out of the car with the help of others.

On the other hand, another video clip documented the latest appearance of Saudi rally driver Mashael Al-Obaidan, during her participation in the Hail Rally. Mashael said in a video via "Tik Tok": "Things are good, we encountered problems, and the car malfunctioned, but things are good."

It is noteworthy that Mashael Al-Obaidan is the first Saudi woman to obtain a dirt bike license, and she holds a master's degree from the United States of America; She decided to participate in the professional rally world several years ago.

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