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Joint Military Training Hercules-2 Begins With KSA Participation

  • Publish date: Monday، 22 August 2022
Joint Military Training Hercules-2 Begins With KSA Participation
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The Hercules-2 joint military training started, at Mohamed Naguib Military Base, Egypt, with the participation of units of the Royal Saudi Land Forces, the USA, Greece, Cyprus, the UAE and Jordan.

The military spokesman for the Egyptian Armed Forces, Colonel Gharib Abdelhafeez, explained, in a statement today, that the training, which lasts for several days, included procedures for the integration and acquaintance of the participating forces to unifying concepts, an exhibition of weapons and equipment used in training, as well as lectures in the fields of cybersecurity and international humanitarian law.

Abdelhafeez indicated that the training comes as a continuation of the development and strengthening of military relations between Egypt and brotherly and friendly countries, with the aim of developing and consolidating the foundations of military cooperation.