This is How Many Buses Saudi Arabia is Preparing for Hajj Pilgrims

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 23 January 2024
This is How Many Buses Saudi Arabia is Preparing for Hajj Pilgrims

In preparation for the annual Hajj season in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi General Syndicate of Cars is gearing up with approximately 21,000 buses. The spokesperson, Ruba Al Ghusn, revealed the union's ambitious goal to transport around 2 million pilgrims this year. The preparations involve collaboration with 65 companies, ensuring meticulous planning and readiness of the buses.

Extensive Bus Fleet

The extensive fleet of 21,000 buses is a part of Saudi Arabia's early preparations for the upcoming Hajj season, set to take place in June. The General Syndicate of Cars emphasizes the importance of qualification criteria for the involved companies, ensuring operational plans are well-structured to meet the demands of transporting a significant number of pilgrims.

New Rules for Hajj Season

In adherence to this year's rules, no specific places will be allotted for countries at the holy sites during the Hajj season. Instead, the designation of places will be contingent on finalizing contracts, providing priority to countries that conclude early agreements. This rule aims to streamline the process and ensure an organized pilgrimage experience.

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