Saudi Arabia Plans to Welcome 4 Million Chinese Tourists by 2030

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 22 March 2023
Saudi Arabia Plans to Welcome 4 Million Chinese Tourists by 2030

Saudi Arabia intends to attract more than 4 million Chinese tourist groups by 2030 as per the discussion on Tuesday between Fahd Hamidaddin, the CEO and director of the Saudi Tourism Authority, and Rao Quan, the deputy minister of culture and tourism for China.

They discussed how to deepen their strategic relationship in the tourism sector while serving their shared interests. They also talked about the significance of aligning international goals and visions through the appropriate international organizations.

Quan and Hamidaddin came to an agreement on the terms for signing a memorandum of understanding to speed up the processes of attracting Chinese tourist groups. In order to build human capacities for the tourist sector, they also decided to start collaborative tourism efforts between the two nations.

The Saudi Tourism Authority has organized a promotional tour with its Chinese partners to promote Saudi tourism, including this meeting. To promote Saudi tourist sites and create alliances between the Chinese and Saudi tourism destinations, the journey began in Beijing, moved on to Shanghai, and ended in Guangzhou.

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