Saudi Arabia Ranks 7th in Global Optimism, Says Report

  • Publish date: Monday، 08 May 2023
Saudi Arabia Ranks 7th in Global Optimism, Says Report

According to the recent Trust Barometer report released by Edelman, a prominent global communications firm, Saudi Arabia  has gained recognition as one of the world's most trusted nations with low levels of polarization.

The report, which surveys over 32,000 participants across 28 countries, examines trust levels in various sectors including business, government, media, and NGOs. Saudi Arabia's notable performance in the study highlights its positive standing in terms of trust compared to other countries.

In the recently published 2023 report titled "Navigating a Polarized World," which explores the issue of lack of trust in the face of economic concerns and provides insights on fostering trust in a divided global landscape, Saudi Arabia stands out as the seventh most optimistic nation.

Despite the rising trend of economic pessimism and polarization, Saudi Arabia defies the norm by showcasing a high level of optimism. The report highlights the country's remarkable trust in institutions, with an impressive 83 percent of respondents expressing trust in the government. In comparison, the global average for trust in government is significantly lower at 50 percent.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer report, the majority of Saudis trust their government (83%), businesses (73%), and employers (79%), and make purchasing decisions based on their beliefs and values (73%). The World Health Organization is recognized as the most trusted multinational organization in Saudi Arabia, surpassing the UN and the EU.

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