Saudi Ranked as the World's Most Road Connected Country

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 March 2024
Saudi Ranked as the World's Most Road Connected Country

Saudi Arabia has secured the top spot as the world's most connected country, announced Minister of Transport and Logistics, Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser. Speaking at the launch of the "Safe Distinguished Roads" campaign in Riyadh, the minister highlighted a remarkable decline of over 50 percent in serious accidents, fatalities, and injuries in recent years.

Saudi Arabia Tops Global Rankings For Road Network Connectivity - OneArabia

Campaign Objectives

The "Safe Distinguished Roads" initiative, now in its fourth consecutive year, aims to enhance the efficiency and safety standards of Saudi Arabia's extensive road network. Minister Al-Jasser emphasized the campaign's commitment to delivering top-notch services for road users, which has significantly elevated the quality, safety, and overall experience for travelers over the past years.

Investments in Road Infrastructure

Al-Jasser underscored the Kingdom's substantial investments in road infrastructure, leading to a notable renaissance in connectivity and excellence. He credited engineering advancements, intersection enhancements, management of accident-prone areas, and increased safety investments for the substantial reduction in accidents, aligning with the United Nations' safety targets for a 50 percent decrease in accident-related deaths by 2030.

Road Quality and Progress

Highlighting the Kingdom's focus on road quality, Al-Jasser expressed optimism in achieving excellence. With a current road quality rating of 5.7, Saudi Arabia has made significant strides within three years, surpassing half the journey towards the 2030 target.

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